Welcome to Mona & Ulf

Latest update: 06 jan 2012


...our house at Hönö...

...our boat...


...and our dogs:

Pompeca's Sweet Tipperary O'Connor (Tippie), born June 6, 2009

Fraola (strawberry in Greek), born June 15, 2006

Stella, born August 31, 2006

...and Elvis who left us April 21 at the age of just over 20

Ella, who left us July 23 2009 at the age of 11

Fille who left us in April 2006 at the age of 9

Cruella, our philosopher, who left us November 28th 2002 at the age of 11

Little Selma (9), our clown, who unfortunately left us February 11, 2002

Ulf's family

Amy and Gunnar in January 2012


  Emilia September 2010                                 

Emilia, 11                                                                             Alfons, 10

Tommy and Tanja in August 2010

Tommy's house at Hedvägen 2                     Tommy's house at Hedvägen 2
... and their repainted house at Hönö


        Rasmus, 9                                                                     Felix, 7           


Oscar, 3


Kerstin, Tommy, Kalle and Gunnar
Mother Kerstin with her three sons, Tommy, Kalle (Karl-Peter) and Gunnar

Mona's family

Sister Susan
Sister Susan

What are you smiling at?Jimmy and Jonna in the living roomWhat is Jimmy doing behind Jonna's back?
Nephew Jimmy and niece Jonna

Irene posing in Susna's garden     Sister Irene
wo pictures of sister Irene a sunny day at Öckerö

Also "family"

Ex brother-in-law "uncle" Gunnar with wife Kerstin and ex sister-in-law "aunt" Maud with husband Kent-Ove

...and cousins Miriam and Martin